Australian Bird Weathervanes from Glenview Products Call +61 0411 732 950. Browse through our great selection online. Cockatoos. are the most noisy birds . They fly in flocks and screech. Owls are nocturnal and rarely seen through daylight hours.. Eagles are magnificent soaring down from great heights. Pigeons can be very noticeable because of their numbers. Roosters proudly protecting their Hens. Emus, one of our Australian emblems. Then there are  Pelicans and Wrens. Kookaburras known as the laughing jackass. Galahs are another flocking bird. Ducks, Geese and Ravens round out the collection. Kiwis  are not an Australian bird how ever there are so many of their countrymen inAustralia we could not exclude them from the Australian Bird Weathervanes.

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