Black Rooster Weather Vane

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Black Rooster Weather Vane. In the ninth century Pope Nicholas made the rooster official. His decree was that all churches must display the rooster on their steeples or domes as a symbol of Peter’s betrayal of Jesus.


Black Rooster Weather Vane. A perfect addition to the home of anyone who owns, or loves roosters and  Chickens. From the pouted chest to the tip of the tail the classic rooster weathervane looks great on any home. : 

There are three important considerations in choosing a chicken breed.

  • The ability to produce quantities of tasty meat.
  • An ability to produce a regular/continual supply of eggs.
  • The third quality being realised is Colour.

The colour Back maybe worth consideration above the Red, the White and other common varieties.

Black Roosters and chooks are most stylish and therefore create a serious “fashion statement to the other birds in your flock.

Here are 10 incredible breeds of  Black roosters and chooks

  • Ayam Cemani
  • Orpington
  • Australorp
  • Minorca
  • Silkies
  • Sumatra
  • Langsham
  • Jersey Giant
  • Swedish Black
  • La Fleche


The Ayam Cemani is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (fibromelanosis), making the chicken mostly black, including feathersbeak, and internal organs. The Cemani is a very popular gamecock for cockfighting in Bali. This is because their thighs have much more muscle in comparison to other chickens, which leads to them being much faster.[1]

Made of Stainless Steel, this Black Rooster Weathervane will give years and years of enjoyment and service.


Take a look at the creative way one of our customers used the Black Rooster Weather Vane to adorn a real chook house. Check out Linda Beaumont’s custom designed chook house here.

How It Works

The arrow and the rooster figure are black and revolve on a ball bearing over a Stainless Steel shaft. Well balanced and proportionally correct these Australian made weathervanes from Glenview Products actually work.

The Black Rooster Weather Vane is powder coated. Black is the colour of choice.


  • The height of the Rooster is 305mm. The width from beak to tail is 245mm.
  • Length of the Arrow 670mm.
  • The Directionals are 590mm across.
  • The overall  height is 735mm.
  • With the gable bracket it is 935mm


If you would like to order a fixing bracket to suit the Black Rooster Weather Vane, please select from the product options above.

Fixing brackets ordered with an Aussie Weather Vane will not incur any additional delivery charges

Which one to use ?

The Stainless Steel Mounting Plate is laser cut and can be bent to the pitch of the roof. The Ridge bracket sits on top of the ridge line of a metal roof.

The Stainless Steel Gable Bracket is available for attaching the Black Rooster Weathervane to the gable face of  tile and metal roofs.

The Gable Bracket shaft is 500mm long. Why ?  The gable bracket extends down the front of the gable. As a result, the shaft is longer than the shaft used with the mounting plate.

Purchasing the suitable bracket makes installation easy and enjoyable


Stainless Steel Mounting Plate

Black Rooster Weather Vane

Black Rooster Weather Vane

Gable bracket

Stainless Steel Gable Bracket

Chook House Black Rooster Weathervanes

Black Rooster Weather Vane

Ridge Line Attaching Bracket

Ridge Line Attaching Bracket for Metal Roofs suitable for Black Rooster Weather vane


Additional information

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Dimensions 76 × 52 × 7.5 cm
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