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Spinning Happy Daisies

Standard Packaging ­ Cartons of 25

“Spinning happy Daisies” are supplied in random colours fully assembled ready for sale.
We do not offer customer requested colours
The carton mix of 25 pieces, consists of a mixture of :
Yellow 5, Pink 5, Purple 4, Red, 3, Blue 3, Lime 3, Orange 2
These are the fan colours with the best colour centres. This has proved to be the best selling mix and our “Spinning Happy Daisies” are manufactured to this formula.

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A cheaper way to purchase Spinning Happy Daisies

They can be supplied unassembled, in cartons of 50. Assembly consists of putting the Black plastic keeper knob onto the galvanised shaft to stop the “Spinning Happy Daisy Flower” from spinning off.
We are simply passing on to you the assembly and repackaging cost that we would otherwise incur.
It is an easy and simple job for those times when things are quiet. Only tool needed is a light hammer (or something else to tap the keeper knob on).
We do not offer customer requested colours (see above)
The carton mix of 50 pieces, consists of a mixture of :
Yellow 10, Pink 10, Purple 8, Red 6, Blue 6, Lime 6, Orange 4

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