About Glenview Products

How did Glenview products come about? 

Today we are faced with what was and what is no longer – old skills, and trades are no longer practiced.  Genuine craftsmen are disappearing. As modern technology takes over, machine made items are in. Hand made crafted items are harder to find.

As an apprentice moulder Robert learned his trade in the foundry. He was privileged to be trained by a breed of foundry craftsmen that were proud of who they were and what they could do. Their skills have mostly disappeared. The traditional trades are all but gone, except here and there faithful participants ply their art.

Robert’s passion was working with metal, developing trade skills and furthering his studies in metallurgy. He became a foundry manager, later operating one of  his own. He was always interested in weathervanes and has made them for over 50 years.

He has crawled over roof tops in Belgium and London in his quest to know more about how they are made, what they are made of, how they are attached and importantly, how they work.

Word soon got out that Robert could produce these things and because of continual requests for his products he started a manufacturing company called Austasia Commodities which trades under the name of Glenview Products. 

The range of products has extended to Armillary Globes and Spheres, Equatorial Sundials, Windsocks, Horizontal Sundials, Water Pumps, Windmills and Rain Gauges. It’s been an exciting journey, Robert has  continually acquired new skills to be able to manufacture or source the products requested.

Glenview Products now has the largest range of Weathervanes available. The mostly Australian made products are further enhanced by an imported range of complimentary designs.

Because Robert no longer has his foundry he is unable to make all of the Sun Dials, Globes and Spheres that are requested and now imports selected designs.

Robert is very deliberate about quality. These are his guidelines:

Is it well made?      Does it work?

Is it attractive?       Will it last?

Welcome to the Glenview Products website. You are invited to browse through the range.

Robert hopes you will find the product range interesting; perhaps you will even find the very product you are looking for.

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