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The products that Robert makes are incredible and high quality. I had no idea there was such a large range of weathervanes out there. My kids especially like the happy daisies that we have put in our front garden for all to see.

Chris Hall
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Happy Daisies Very happy with the Daisies!
thank you very much for the product and not least, the amazing prompt delivery

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Thank you for the Fairy Wren weathercock, it looks fantastic.

Anne Kopp
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Products are of high quality, service was fast and they have the greatest variety of weathervanes in Australia. Thank you Glenview Products

Kay Nea
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I have the happy daisy spinning and vane, love them! The kids love the movement and colour it adds to the garden. Thankyou!

Julia Paterson
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Here foto's from a proud Black Rooster enjoying the view from his seat on the chicken coop roof in his Austrian home! He seems to like it and we do too! Everyone pleased, even the chooks. All well and thank you again!

Loes Rodenhuis