Polished Black Stone Sundial

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Polished Black Stone Sundial. A much larger than usual sundial with a mirror finish black stone centre highlighted by a brass  annulus containing raised polished numerals and letters

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Polished Black Stone Sundial. Here is something unusual, something really special. A sundial with a highly polished black stone centre encased in a solid polished brass body.

The brass numerals and the inscription are prominent in relief and highlighted. As a result, they both easy to read and easy to understand. They  form a border around the stone centre.

Inscriptions are important. This one is simple. It says “SUN BRINGS HOPE”. Therefore it makes you ponder, who can argue with that.

Not the farmers, the gardeners, the holiday makers, the surfers or the builders. We all need the sun to make the flowers and the crops grow.

The purpose of SunDials.

Sun dials were used to measure the time by the sun. They were first used by the Egyptians in 1500BC.

Today, they can still be used to tell the time however, their main function is adornment and also to create interest and beauty in outdoor settings.

A really good thing about Sun Dials is , They don’t wear out. once set in place on a plinth or a pedestal they become a permanent fixture for all to enjoy.


  • The diameter of this sundial is 250mm (almost 10 inches). This is much larger than a normal sundial.
  • The Gnomon (that casts the shadow) is 175mm in length and stands 100mm above the base.

This sundial has excellent packaging and is ideal for presentation purposes or as a gift.

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Stone Centre Black 1 - Polished Black Stone Sundial

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Dimensions 33 × 33 × 8 cm
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