Equatorial Star Sun Dial

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Equatorial Star SunDial is an attractive addition to any garden or interest setting. What makes it interesting is that it displays the time accurately and conveniently

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Equatorial Star Sun Dial are cast in yellow brass. Equatorial Sun Dials can be used in both the Northern and the the Southern Hemisphere. However, it is important to get the correct one for use in Australia (the Southern Hemisphere). It uses a different lay out of numerals to the those used for the Northern Hemisphere. Glenview Products only sells the Southern Hemisphere settings. Make sure you are getting a sundial that will work in your location.

Austasia Finish 13.5 - Equatorial Star Sun Dial

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Numerical layout for Southern Hemisphere

Equatorial Star Sun Dials . The polish and detail is exceptional. Our craftsmen have created a practical working object of classical beauty. It is a most interesting object to have on display. Every Garden needs a focal point that attracts and is interesting. People will be attracted to this excellent piece of garden art. The really good part is that as it ages it develops a character of its own.

WARNING not all Sun Dials in the marketplace are suitable for use in Australia. Glenview Products only sell Sun Dials that are suitable for the Southern Hemisphere.
Equatorial Star Sundial made of Cast Brass, it is solid and permanent.        


The Equatorial Star Sun Dial. Stands 490 mm high.The arrow measures 610 mm long and the body of the sun dial has a diameter of 460 mm. The supporting base is 160 mm in diameter.


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How it works.

The Dial Plate of an Equatorial Sun Dial is Parallel to the plane of the Earth’s Equator. As the Sun moves through 360 degrees in 24 hours. The division spacings are at 15 degree intervals.  The gnomon should point towards the celestial pole.

You will need the latitude of your location to instal it. The Sydney latitude is 36.8688. The latitude for Melbourne is 37.8136. To discover location Latitudes “Doctor Google” is an excellent centre of resource.


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Weight 5.75 kg
Dimensions 46 × 42 × 9 cm

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