Equatorial Star Sun Dial

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Equatorial Star Sun Dial. Equatorial Sun Dials are used in both the Northern and the the Southern Hemisphere. The correct one for use in Australia (the Southern Hemisphere} uses a different lay out of numerals to the those used for the Northern Hemisphere. Glenview Products only sells the Southern Hemisphere settings. Make sure your sundial will work in your location.

Equatorial Star Sun Dial. Cast in solid Yellow Brass. The polish and detail are exceptional. The craftsmen have created a practical working object of classical beauty. It is an interesting object you will want to display. It will create interest and conversation. Some people are fascinated by them as time pieces. Be ready for questions and compliments. It is after all a practical working object. It will convey the time of day accurately when set to the correct latitude setting. The Sydney latitude is 36.8688. The latitude for Melbourne is 37.8136. Latitudes for other locations can easily be found referring to “Doctor Google”.
Equatorial Star Sundial. Cast Brass, solid and permanent.        


The Equatorial Star Sun Dial. It stands 49 cm high. It has a round base 16 cm in diameter.The arrow measures 61 cm long and the body of the sun dial has a diameter of 46 cm.

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The Dial Plate of an Equatorial Sundial is Parallel to the plane of the Earth’s Equator. The Sun moves through 360 degrees in 24 hours.Therefore hour divisions are uniformly spaced at 15 degree intervals. Adjustment is by tilting the dial plate to the appropriate angle of latitude. tThe gnomon should point towards the celestial pole.

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