White Stone Centred Sundial

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White Stone Centred Sundial. Is larger than the normally sized sundial with a White stone centre surrounded by a brass  annulus containing raised numerals and letters. This design could have an engraved brass plate fixed to the stone surface. The space is ideal for that purpose.

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White Stone Centred Sundial. Here is something unusual, something special. A sundial with a highly polished White stone centre.

The brass numerals and the inscription are in prominent relief and highlighted. Easy to read.  Easy to understand. They  form a border around the stone centre.

Inscriptions are important. This one is simple. It says “SUN BRINGS HOPE”. Who can argue with that.

  • Measurement.
  • The diameter of this sundial is 250mm (almost 10 inches) is larger than most.
  • The Gnomon (that casts the shadow) is 175mm in length and stands 100mm above the base.

In today’s modern world, white is the colour of purity, unity, cleanliness, and innocence.  White is the colour of opposites and  contradictions. It is the colour of freedom and the colour of hope. Another interpretation has to do with the building material used during the time John wrote Revelation. Important buildings were commonly made of white marble, including the temple of Asclepius in Pergamum.http://www.gotquetions.org

The White Stone Centred Sundial has excellent packaging and is ideal for a presentation or a gift.

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Polished White Stone 10 - White Stone Centred Sundial


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Weight 2.47 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 8 cm
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