Hourglass Polished Brass Sundial

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Hourglass Polished Brass Sundial. The Roman Numerals add to the latin theme supported by the quotation Tempus Fugit which simply means time flies. Completing the message is an Hour glass supported on wings.

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Hourglass Polished Brass Sundial

This round Hourglass Polished Brass Sundial is 23cm in diameter.  A Sundial’s  purpose is to indicate the passage of time. This one does it clearly. For example it bears the message “Tempus Fugit” written in Latin. The English translation is “Time Flees” or in the modern vernacular “Time Flies”. An excellent raised model of an hourglass mounted on wings is a fine example to illustrate the idea. That time does fly. This is a visual indication that time does indeed fly. This very simple open design  makes this Sun Dial, easy to read and most attractive.

An “hour glass figure” is what men find particularly attractive about a woman. Regardless of their age or culture men every where are drawn to the hour glass shape in the female figure. The hourglass figure featured on the Hourglass Polished Brass Sundial is completely separate from that. The hourglass featured is  for measuring the flow of sand or a liquid (such as water or mercury ) through a necked in aperture. Other names for an hourglass are a sand clock or a sand glass. Its object of course is to measure time.

 Sundials are meant to last, therefore they are cast in brass to withstand the effects of time.  We use yellow brass because it will not rust and also because yellow brass polishes so beautifully. It  actually weighs 1.25kg, so is easily able retain its design and shape..


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Weight 2.76 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 3.5 cm
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