Geese Polished Brass Sundial

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Geese Polished Brass Sundial is a generous 25cm in diameter with easy to read detail. The numerals are in the Roman Style. while the letters spell out the message “Time takes all but memories”.

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Geese Polished Brass Sundial (large ) This Sun Dial is a round one. It measures 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter which is a good size for a garden sundial. The Gnomon  is 17 cm long (6.75 inches). The Gnomon’s highest point is 10 cm above the base and therefor able casts a clear shadow to indicate the time. The Numerals are Roman and they along with the figures of the geese  have been carefully crafted so they are easy to read.

The Geese Polished Brass Sundial depicts the figures of  three migrating birds.  For ever obedient to the instinctive  journey they must make.

The Message “Time Takes All But Memories”.

Imagine. a pleasant afternoon in the warming sun. A dalliance if you like. as you ponder the depth and meaning of the sundials message, “Time Takes all but Memories”. You also realise that time does not repeat itself. For instance, today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Consequently  Memories are all that remain.

The Sun Dial.

This (Large Sized) Geese Polished Brass Sundial is made of solid brass. The sundial will, over time develop a natural patina as it reacts to the climate and the atmosphere. Most people believe this verdigris improves the appearance of the sundial as it ages. Thereby creating a “I have been here forever” appearance. It says I belong, I am part part of the setting I am in.


To install any Sundial, a bright sunny day is best. Position the Gnomon (shadow indicator) facing South. It is important to set the sundial in its position on a sunny day, With out the sun onto the sundial it is not possible to set the sundial correctly.You need the overhead shadow at noon to be central over the diamond and the arrow head. They are located between the roman numerals of  XI and I. The correct time to set this in position is 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time. Not daylight saving time.


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Geese Polised Brass Sundial

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Polished Brass Geese Sundial

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