Celestial Polished Brass Sundial

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Celestial Polished Brass Sundial.while relating to things in the heavenly’s this sundial shows the time on earth by the shadow cast by the light of God.

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Celestial Polished Brass Sundial

The Celestial Polished Brass Sundial measures 25cm long and 26cm wide.  Made of brass this sun dial will not rust.  The Gnomon (better known as the shadow indicator)  extends above the base 10.5cm. It’s diagonal length is 18cm. The two main figures featured are  angels, Angels are messengers. What messages are they sharing ? The message they are sharing is  “light is the shadow of God”. Sundials tell the time.  This one does so by casting His light on the gnomon to form a shadow. Gnomon definition: the stationary arm that projects the shadow on a sundial.https:www.dictionary.com

There is an identical design available in Antiqued Brass, if you are after a bolder image.

GST is included in the cost but postage is extra. Enter your post code and the Austpost charge calculator will work out exact the postage (no extras added) for this delightful horological gem. The Celestial City. The talk they had with the Shining Ones was about the glory of the place; who told them that the beauty and glory of it was inexpressible.

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Celestial Polished Brass Sundial

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