Humming Bird Polished Sundial

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Hummingbird Polished Sundial. Delightfully simple, sweet presentation depicting the bird frantically flapping it’s wings as it gathers the nectar from the flowers meanwhile, the shadow of the sun indicates the time.

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Humming Bird Polished Sundial

This handsomely detailed Sun Dial measures just 19cm. So it is not “in your face”. Big enough to be seen. Modest enough not to offend.Understated with a delicate sweetness about it.  As you wander through a garden it’s lovely to find treasures like this. The polished  surface of the sundial will slowly and gradually develop its own character as mother nature adds changes to its appearance. For instance, over the coming years patina on its surface  The patina adds a distinctive character to the sundial blending it in with its surroundings. The shadow indicator called a gnomon. The gnomon  is in the shape of a bird. The sun causes a shadow to fall across the numerals indicating the time of day

Their name refers to the humming sound made by their tiny, beating wings. Each species of Humming Bird creates a different humming sound, depending on the speed of its wing beats. Their wings rotate in a figure of eight rotations at tremendous speeds.. These rotations help them to hover while feeding on the nectar from the flowers.

An Antiqued version of this Humming Bird Polished Sundial is available.

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Hummiing Bird 1 273x300 - Humming Bird Polished Sundial

Humming Bird Feeding amongst the garden flowers

Humming Bird 7 225x300 - Humming Bird Polished Sundial

humming Bird Sundial in Polished Brass

Humming Bird 5 jpg 1 225x300 - Humming Bird Polished Sundial

Polished Brass Sundial with hovering Humming Bird

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