“Classic” Polished Brass Sundial No2

$150.00 inc GST

“Classic” Polished Brass Sundial No2 with raised letters forming the following  beautiful inscription – “Some talk of rain and showers – I talk of sunny hours”. It is round in shape and endless in enjoyment.

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The large round “Classic” Polished Brass Sundial No2 is quite impressive. This style is referred to as a Horizontal Sundial.

Horizontal Sundials are generally made of  brass. The advantage of this is that the sundial will never rust.

It carries the inscription, “Some tell of storms and showers, I tell of sunny hours”. a fitting decoration is the raised relief depicting the Southern Cross.

The dial plate measures 23cm in diameter and the shadow indicator is 16cm long. The Roman Numerals and the seasonal correction tables are clear and easy to read.

Its name says it all, the “Classic” Polished Brass Sundial No2. It is “Classic” and really is stunning.

Where to place it 


<li>1.   Horizontal sundials look best mounted on a pedestal or a plinth.</li>

<li>2.    This shows the sundial off to advantage. ,</li>

<li>3.    Furthermore, mounting on a pedestal raises the sundial to a height that is comfortable to read.</li>

<li>4.    The best position for it is in a part of the garden that receives unobstructed sunlight.</li>


The “Classic” Polished Brass Sundial No 2 is designed especially for the Southern Hemisphere, Therefore,  it is correctly calibrated for use in Australia.

The packed weight is approx. 1.3 kg.

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 5 cm
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