Antiqued Equatorial Sundials

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Antiqued Equatorial Sundials . Available in four sizes : small, medium large and extra large. Excellent ornamental sun dial cast in brass and made to last. In fact these pieces improve with age. They develop verdigris (patina) on their surface which adds character and blends them into their surroundings.

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Antiqued Equatorial Sundials. Four sizes are available enabling you to adapt the right balance and create harmony in your setting.

Antiqued  Equatorial Sundials        

The four sizes available :

Small: 380mm High x 330mm Diameter.  560mm Arrow Length (in stock)

Medium: 480mm High x 430mm Diameter.  600mm Arrow Length (in stock)

Large: 570mm High x 530mm Diameter.  750mm Arrow Length (in stock)

Extra Large :620mm high x 590mm Diameter. Arrow Length 800mm. (in stock)

Setting up the  Equatorial Sundial, The first step is to find true South. The next step is to adjust the gnomon to the correct latitude. By pointing the gnomon true South you can adjust the arrow to the correct latitude for your location. Consequently  enabling a more accurate reading. Doctor google provides helpful information on this topic.  The hour numbers  of our equatorial sundials are set for the southern Hemisphere. The numerals on southern hemisphere sundials run in an anti clockwise direction.  Northern hemisphere sundial numerals run clockwise.

Equatorial Sundials are are statement pieces. It is their size and proportion that makes the statement. Size. proportion and balance are what create their appeal. It is delightful to “discover” a treasure in the corner of a garden. Surprise is always a delight. For more information about measuring the flow of time

The Equatorial Sundial is an ornamental garden time piece.  The atmosphere causes a patina to form on the surface of the brass. This adds character and blends it into the surrounding environment.

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