Large Equatorial Sundial

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Large Equatorial Sundial. It is a time telling device that doubles as as a garden ornament or an interesting conversation piece.Interesting, Attractive and practical.


Large Equatorial Sundial.

Glenview Products Equatorial Sundials, made to suit the Southern Hemisphere. They are suitable for use in Australia and countries south of the equator.  The time lines on them are at 15 degree intervals. . The time lines correspond to the hour angle of the sun.

Which way do you face an equatorial sundial ?

To set the large  equatorial sundial, you must first find true South and adjust the gnomon to the correct latitude. Pointing the gnomon true South simply adjust the arrow to the correct latitude angle for your location. Doctor google provides helpful information on this topic. One way to to tell which sundial is for the northern or Southern Hemisphere is to check if the hour numbers are running clockwise or anti clockwise. Numbers on Southern Hemisphere Sundials always run anti clockwise, however the Northern Hemisphere sundials run in a clockwise direction.

This Sun Dial is noticeable. It is the size that makes the Statement. The measurements are generous. It is 580mm High, and an impressive 540mm in Diameter. The large brass arrow is 740mm long giving it  interest and balance..

It is delightful to “discover” a treasure in the corner of a garden. Surprise is always a delight. For more information about measuring the flow of time

The Large Equatorial Sundial is a garden statement piece. Sculptured in brass atmosphere reacts with the metal and causes a lovely patina to form on its surfaces. This adds character and blends it into the surrounding environment.

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Dimensions 17 × 60 × 60 cm

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