Wedge Tailed Eagle Weathervane

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Wedged Tailed Eagle Weathervane, magnificently detailed. depicting the Lord of the air and sky. This magnificent creature is able to pin point prey from great distances because of their binocular vision. They can see8 times more detail than humans can.




Wedge Tailed Eagle Weathervane. Birds fly, Eagles soar.

This is a large, life like presentation of the Wedge Tailed Eagle.

The wingspan of this Wedged Tailed Eagle coming in to land is 50cm. The measurement of his height from talons to wing tip is 65cm. The arrow is 61cm while the directionals are 43cm in length and the NSE & W letters are 8cm high.

This is a really brilliant life like depiction of the Wedge Tailed Eagle. It is made of copper and brass and will therefore be able to stand up to the Elements.. There is a safety fitting to prevent him being lifted off the mountings. This can be caused by up draught.

Weathervane Attaching Bracket is the best choice for attaching your weathervane to the ridge line of a metal roof. All of the necessary bolts and screws are provided. Holes in the bracket have been pre drilled. This will make the installation will be simple and effective.

Adjustable Bracket - Wedge Tailed Eagle Weathervane

Eagle.Mark Harris TaslandJPG 300x241 - Wedge Tailed Eagle Weathervane

Incredibly detailed Wedge Tailed Eagle Flying into the wind What a sight. just magnificent





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Weight 26.46 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 cm
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