Buy Windsocks from Glenview Products. Call Robert +61 0411 732 950. Aviation compliant 12 foot and 8 foot Windsocks for Airports. Also Hospitals, Highways. Smaller windsocks, more correctly known as wind direction indicators.  These comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. They are 4 foot and 6 foot in length. Stainless Steel frames and swivel heads are necessary. Their purpose is to keep the mouth of the windsock open. A full range of frame sizes is available.

  • Windsock frame assembly kits to suit 12 foot windsocks. Swivel frames to suit 4 foot and 6 foot Wind indicators. All products made in Australia of Stainless Steel.
  • Commercial Windsocks

    $125.00$237.50 inc GST
    Commercial Windsocks that meet the aviation standards. 8 foot and 12 foot yellow and white windsocks. 4 and 6 foot (windsocks)this size are more correctly called wind indicators. They are for road works, blasting, occupational health and safety and search and rescue operations.                      Contact Robert for correct postage charges when ordering multiple numbers of windsocks.
  • Welding Base Adaptor

    $55.00 inc GST
    Welding Base Adapter in  supplied in two parts. The cast iron attaching bracket and the solid steel spigot that enables Windsock Swivel Frames for 8 foot and 12 foot windsocks to be welded to the steel pipe, post or upright. Joining bolts, washers & nuts supplied.
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