Welding Base Adaptor

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Welding Base Adapter in  supplied in two parts. The cast iron attaching bracket and the solid steel spigot that enables Windsock Swivel Frames for 8 foot and 12 foot windsocks to be welded to the steel pipe, post or upright. Joining bolts, washers & nuts supplied.

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The Welding Base Adaptor enables easy assembly of the Stainless Steel Windsock Swivel Frame to a steel post upright. This adapter consists of thee parts.

Part one is the cast iron flange bracket. It has holes to match the Base of the windsock swivel frame.

Part two, is a solid Steel spigot. This spigot enables welding of the windsock assembly to the steel upright (supporting pole).

Part three consists of the four stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers. That hold everything together, therefore, this difficult task is simplified by using the Welding Base Adapter. The windsock is now flying and you can tell the direction of the wind.

The installation of the stainless steel swivel frame is only done once, it is particularly important, for it to be done properly. The adapter will be a huge help in achieving this goal.

In summary, the purpose of the welding Base Adapter is to enable an ordinary steel post, pipe or rail to be safely and successfully attached to the the stainless steel windsock swivel head assembly.

Windsock Frame 2 225x300 - Welding Base  Adaptor

Rotating head welding base adaptor

Welding Base Adapterwbolts 225x300 - Welding Base  Adaptor

Welding Base Adaptor

Windsock Frame 4 225x300 - Welding Base  Adaptor


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