From under the bench, This is a collection of forgotten projects and treasures. Redeemed from under the bench. These items that have been discovered, rejuvenated and rescued. Once again taking their rightful place as practical and useful items. Under the bench, at the back of the shed, hanging from hooks and on hard to reach shelves. It’s a treasure trove of forgotten gems.

Items new and old will be added from time to time as we get back into the amazing things that were put aside for another day. We think that day has arrived

  • Frog Garden Safety Guard provides pet safety by keeping the snail pellets in your garden safely out of reach. This handsome Frog Prince is made of cast iron. You can tell he is a Prince because he is wearing a crown.
  • House Numbers Old Style. Think of the Brady Bunch and how things used to be when life was more at ease and you could take time to read the numbers proudly displayed. Whether it was six or sixty, Two or Ninety Nine it was distinctive.
  • Lion Door Stop

    $120.00 inc GST
    The lion Door Stop is big enough to do the job, small enough not to get in the way, While holding the door open it will add interest and charm to the entrance.
  • Owl Door Stop

    $45.00 inc GST
    The Owl Door Stop is compact in design but attractive in form portraying a wise old owl minding its own business. Not overly large and yet big enough to hold the door in place.
  • The Scottish Laddie Door Stop is compact and attractive portraying the romantic figure of a Scot in full kit, ever watchful, standing guard. We know for sure he is up to it and will always be there when needed.
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