Owl Door Stop

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The Owl Door Stop is compact in design but attractive in form portraying a wise old owl minding its own business. Not overly large and yet big enough to hold the door in place.

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Owl Door Stop. Over fifty years ago I cast these doorstops in cast iron. They were very popular. As happens sometimes I moved on to other things.

Some how a number of these were stacked away and forgotten. This is a shame because I have used one in my own house, the children loved “Old Hooty Owl”. He was always standing wisely at the ready, just inside the front door.

I came across these Door Stops under the bench. They were very functional. Solid as a door stop needs to be. This Door Stop was  a much liked favourite. So here they are, the last ones left.


  • The height of this interesting doorstop is 155mm.
  • Its width is 135mm and the base is 55mm deep.
  • Because of its mass and its weight (2.53 kgs) the Owl Door Stop easily holds the door firmly in place.

Its design is attractive However you can easily personalise these doorstops by spraying or hand painting them to your colour choice.


Owl Doorstop cropped 2 - Owl Door Stop

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Weight 4.72 kg
Dimensions 40 × 300 × 12 cm
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