//Frog Garden Safety Guard

Frog Garden Safety Guard

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Frog garden Safety Guard provides pet safety by keeping the snail pellets in your garden safely out of reach. This handsome frog made of cast iron is a Prince. You can tell this because he is wearing a crown.

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Frog Garden Safety Guard
Keeping your pets safe is a priority. You can ensure their safety by using this handsome cast iron frog. It is a practical answer to protect your precious pets. The frog helps you to continue the fight against those plant destroying snails.

The Frog Garden Safety Guard enables you to use snail pellets safely in your garden because the pets cannot reach the pellets that have been put inside the frog. By using the Frog Prince the danger to the pets has been eliminated. The Frog Prince will add interest to your garden.  He is a silent worker so you won’t hear him croak. He is just the ideal frog.

The Frog Prince weighs almost 3 kgs and is made of cast iron.  From the ground to the tip of his crown it is 20cm and from nose to his tail he is 21cm long. He is 17cm wide so he has a firm footprint to keep him stable.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 25 cm


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