Sun Face Sundial Antiqued

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Sun Face Sundial Antiqued. Is a neat and tidy smaller sized horizontal sundial. Designed to bring pleasure and attract interest. Will fit comfortably into that garden nook or pocket waiting to be discovered.

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 iSun Face Sundial Antiqued.  This sundial is not large. Being only 9 1/2 inches(190mm) however, it maintains the same detail and allure commanded by the larger brass sundials.

The numerals are clearly readable and the design easy to interpret.  It is all contained in the cast brass base and gnomon.

This is the sort of article that prompts the exclamation “where did you get that?” I would like one of those.

The surface of the Sun Face Sundial Antiqued, has been especially treated to produce an aged appearance. This  further promotes the build up of patina otherwise known as verdigris. This is what gives that sought after, I been there for ages look.

There is also available a polished copy of this design. Both the Polished Sun Face and the Antiqued Sun Face  are identical. It is only the surface finish that is different.

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Sunface Verdie 2 977x1024 - Sun Face Sundial Antiqued

Antiqued Sun Face Sundial



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Weight 0.84 kg
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 3 cm
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