Octagonal Latin Brass Sundial

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The Octagonal Latin Brass Sundial has been pre aged and bears the inscription Tempus Fugit. In English this means “Time Flies”.

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Octagonal Latin Brass Sundial (Tempus Fugit)

The clean lines of simplicity are key to the attractiveness of this Octagonal pre aged brass sundial.

It has the inscription “Tempus Fugit” which in latin means “Time Flies”


  • It measures 21cm (81/4″)across or if you measure the diagonals they are 22.5cm (9″).

The shadow indicator, which is by the way called a”Gnomon”, comes in the shape of a bird supporting the shadow bar on it’s wings.

The Octagonal Latin Sundial has been pre aged to give it thatI am not new I have been here forever look. Ageing finish can vary.

It is cast brass. It is plain. It is simple and very it is attractive.

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Octagonal Tempus Fugit verdi 1 231x300 - Octagonal Latin  Brass Sundial

20191022 212626 300x300 - Octagonal Latin  Brass SundialjPedestal Octagonal Latin Sdial.pg  300x300 - Octagonal Latin  Brass Sundial



OctaganolPolished Time Flies Sun Dial 300x241 - Octagonal Latin  Brass Sundial

Octagonal Polished Latin Sundial

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 3.5 cm
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