Windsock Installation 4 & 6 foot

Windsock to Frame Attach windsock to frame using the cable ties supplied, keeping the longitudinal seams of the windsock at the 3 & 9 o'clock positions. The cable ties should be tight enough so that the windsock is restricted form rubbing on the frame rim. Windsock Frame to Vertical Support Any suitable support pole or pipe may be used to gain the required windsock height. If a pipe is being used, insert a bolt or a pin, through the upper hole in the support rod, then insert the rod into the pipe. A rubber cap, such as a chair leg end piece, may be used to cover the join. Note that the 23cm space between the holes of the frame

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The History Of The Australian Windmill

As Australian as lamingtons, dirt roads and kangaroos, this "Glenview Range" of Model Windmills are faithfully hand made replicas of the windmills that have graced the Australian skyline for nearly a century. Before electricity was available to drive pumps, or large machines to build dams, the windmill had become a vital component of rural life, pulling water from bores and wells. They can be traced back to the year 644 in Persia. It was Persian millwrights taken prisoner by Genghis Khan who instructed the Chinese in their construction for irrigation, a use that lasts to this day. They became increasingly widespread in Europe from the 12th century to the 19th when steam power caused their slow demise, which was accelerated after

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Windsock Colours

Windsock Colours. Standard and Special Purpose. Standard Colours for Aviation Purposes are White and Yellow. The Primary windsock at an airport is white. The secondary windsocks are yellow. They are by regulation 8 foot or 12 foot long. Special Purpose Windsocks (more correctly called Wind indicators)  They are usually 4 foot or 6 foot long and fall into the following colour categories : Yellow is the most visible and are useful when view the wind indicator from the ground on a cloudy day when it can be difficult to see a white Wind indicator against a sky full of white clouds. Pink is an unnatural colour and is usefully used in forrest country. Orange is used in snow country because of its

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How To Care For Your Windsock

To extend windsock life, rotate 180 degrees, (top to bottom) each year. The seams of the windsock should be horizontal (9 o'clock and 3 o'clock) Black Cable Ties offer better UV protection than clear. Cable Ties are a quick and easy method of attachment and should be pulled up tight enough to restrict the windsock rubbing on the support frame. Any suitable method of firm attachment may be used. The Windsock Frame should be exactly vertical, otherwise the frame will constantly swing to the low side, and this tends to cause the windsock to tangle or wrap around the windsock support pole. 8 foot and 12 foot Stainless Steel windsock frames supplied by Glenview Products have stainless bearings top and

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