Windsock Material for 8 and 12 Foot Windsocks.

Made of compressed nylon, the windsock has the smooth side on the outside. When it gos through the rollers, it has the appearance of woven material, but it is continuous two sheets of compressed nylon. There are absolutely no gaps in the surface of the material.

It is self washing, and so this does not aid the adhesion of logos and sign writing, but sign writer plastic signs can adhere, but for how long? There are no guarantees.

There are 2 grades: Grade 3 and Grade5. (3 ounce/square foot for the standard windsock, and 5 ounce/square foot for the heavy duty windsock.)

One of the manufacturers is Canvaco.

The material is ‘Hot Needle Stitched’ and is also triple stitched.

The hoop, which is sewn in, is like grey electrical conduit.

The material does not stretch eg. Shirt material has a stretch factor of 4% and this materials’s stretch factor is approx. 1% – 1.5%.
types of Windsock Lighting 14 - Windsock Material For 8 & 10 Foot