Windsock Colours. Standard and Special Purpose.

Standard Colours for Aviation Purposes are White and Yellow. The Primary windsock at an airport is white. The secondary windsocks are yellow. They are by regulation 8 foot or 12 foot long.

Special Purpose Windsocks (more correctly called Wind indicators)  They are usually 4 foot or 6 foot long and fall into the following colour categories :

Yellow is the most visible and are useful when view the wind indicator from the ground on a cloudy day when it can be difficult to see a white Wind indicator against a sky full of white clouds.

Pink is an unnatural colour and is usefully used in forrest country.

Orange is used in snow country because of its high visibility. It is also used for road works and similar purposes.

Red is used on mining sites and Rifle ranges and indicates danger.

Dark green is used for crops and orchards to gauge the drift when spraying chemicals.

Warning It is very hard to stabilise the colours Red, Pink and Orange and so these products do suffer fade because of the suns ultraviolet rays.
Yellow Windsock