Wyvern Weathervane

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Wyvern Weathervane depicts the dreaded Wyvern. The heraldic symbol of strength and endurance but also of sinister evil. They delighted in killing young maidens and devouring human flesh.


Wyvern Weathervane What a striking banner to set apart home from all the others. The Wyvern is known as a griffin or dragon. This could be the ideal present for someone that you know who wants to add something special, something  different to their home.

Made of stainless steel these Wyvern Weathervanes are black to make them stand out clearly against the sky.


  • Originated in Europe.
  • Nearly always depicted as having two bird-like legs and two wings, sometimes with eagle’s claws on the wingtips.
  • Some had a serpent’s head and the hind end of a serpent or lizard.
  • Wyverns have been depicted in heraldry on shields, coats of arms and banners for hundreds of years. They are a symbol of strength and endurance.
  • Name derived from the Saxon word Wivere, which means “serpent”.
  • Other variations include:
    Wyvere [Middle English which means “viper”];
    Wouive, Vouivre [names for the French Wyvern];
    Old English form: Wyvre;
    Old North French: Wivre.
  • The French Wyvern is depicted with the head and upper body of a voluptuous woman. A ruby set between her eyes helps her find her way through the Underworld.
  • Wyverns became vicious and sinister creatures of pure evil in Western culture..
  • Delighted in killing young maidens, other wyverns and relishing the taste of human flesh
  • Modern depictions of wyverns include:
    – Fiery beady red eyes;
    – Foul-smelling poisonous and corrupt breath;
    – A razor sharp stinger filled with poison on the end of their tails.
  • Came to symbolise envy, famine, war and hatred.

The arrow and the wyvern figure revolve on a ball bearing over a solid bushed stainless steel shaft. Well balanced and proportionally correct these Australian made weathervanes from Glenview Products actually work. The weathervane has a coating to prevent glare from the sun. LikeHenry Ford said, you can have any colour so long as it is black.


stainless steel mounting plate is available for fixing to a flat surface such as the ridge line of a metal roof or a wooden garden post. Alternatively there is a steel gable bracket available for fixing to the apex of the gable (see Fixing Brackets). If you would like to order a fixing bracket to suit this product, please select from the product options above. Fixing brackets ordered with an Aussie Weathervane will not incur any additional delivery charges.

Which one to use ?

Which one ?

The Stainless Steel Gable Bracket is to attach the Wyvern Weathervane to the face of the Gable. Suitable for Tile and Metal Roofs.

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate has laser slots cut into the plate. The Mounting plate is supplied as a flat plate. The slots allow the plate to be bent to the pitch of the roof. Used on the roof ridge of metal roofs.  For attaching to flat surfaces and posts. Another name for the stainless Steel Mounting Plate is “Ridge Line Bracket”.

Purchasing the suitable bracket makes installation easy and enjoyable

Ridge Bracket XX6 - Wyvern Weathervane

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate

Gable Bracket XXX10 - Wyvern Weathervane

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 6 × 49 cm
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