Whale Table Top Weathervane

$145.00 inc GST

This Whale Table Top Weathervane is a working model that will turn in the breeze. The Whale and its stand are fashioned in copper and brass . It allows us to marvel at the significant size of this giant from deep while enjoying the warmth and detail of the copper craftsman.


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quality product. Solid Brass Base and support shaft, cast brass fancy directionals and superbly made  three dimensional copper whale. The whale rotates effortlessly. This product will please the most fastidious lover of fine ornaments. They will be extremely happy with the finished quality. Not everyone can have afternoon tea with a whale at their table. This presentation makes it ideal for a present and is package to keep safe it’s contents. Just add the wrapping and  it becomes a very pleasing gift

Measurements :

  • Weathervane overall height is 420mm.
  •  The embellished base is 150mm diameter and he directionals are 300mm long,
  • The copper globe is 55mm diameter and sets off the three dimensional whale.
  • The length of the whale is 260mm and he is 40mm thick.

Whale table top Wvane 4 1024x768 - Whale Table Top Weathervane

Whale Table Top WVane X8 1024x768 - Whale Table Top Weathervane

Table Top Whale Weathervane

Whale Table Top WVane Base X 1024x768 - Whale Table Top Weathervane

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27.5 × 9 cm
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