Trotter Weathervane

$ 360.00 inc GST


There is nothing more beautiful to see than a harness racer in full stride. this three dimensional weathervane captures absolutely the image and the moment with the driver in control and achieving all that is required to be first across the finishing line.

The generous proportion make this stand out weathervane even more attractive. The length from nose tip to the rear of the wheel is 81.5cm and the head to hoof is 46cm, add to that the length of the shaft which is 74cm and you have an overall height of over 120cm which is one real and attractive weathervane.


There is a Cast Iron Adjustable bracket available that will adjust to the pitch of an iron roof but if your roof is tile the weathervane will have to be secured to the Gable face. As this is an imported item with no gable bracket provided speak to Robert about welding a suitable bracket to suit your configuration.

Additional information

Weight 17.64 kg
Dimensions 87 x 30 x 53 cm