Alan Border Weathervane

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Alan Border Weathervane. Facing into the wind just as he faced up to the bowlers. Whether fast or slow he met them full on.


 Alan Border Weathervane. The perfect gift for anyone who has held a bat or wanted to. Balanced and elegant Alan Border gets under the ball. Effortlessly guiding the ball to the boundary again and again. What a batsman, what a man.

Allan Robert Border AO (Officer of the Order of Australia). He is an Australian cricket commentator and former international cricketer. His notable strength was as a batsman.
Border was for many years the captain of the Australian team. His playing nickname was “A.B.”. He played 156 Test matches in his career.
The Alan Border Medal (AB Medal) is the most revered award in Australian Cricket. It is awarded to the player who receives the most votes. The votes come from teammates, umpires (home matches), match referees (overseas matches) and members of the media in the voting period
Born27 July 1955 , Cremorne

The Alan Border Weathervane is an ideal present, particularly for someone that that loves cricket. Nothing else is this special and it really works. You may even like it for yourself.

The Alan Border Weathervane. Features the champion batsmen just as he always was. In action, hitting out, making runs, leading from the front. Alan Border celebrates his ability with a bat.

How It Works

Both the arrow with the figure of Alan Border revolve on a ball bearing over a solid stainless steel shaft. Well balanced and proportionally correct these Australian made weathervanes from Glenview Products actually work. The weathervane is black. This enables the weathervane to stand out clearly against the sky.


Alan Border down on one knee belting the ball to the boundary. His figure is 525mm tall. The arrow he is on is 700mm long. The directionals are 590mm long. Alan’s side on view from leg pad to the heel of his boot is 270mm.


stainless steel mounting plate is available for fixing to a flat surface such as the ridge line of a metal roof or a wooden garden post. Alternatively there is a Stainless Steel Gable Bracket available for fixing to the apex of the gable (see Fixing Brackets).

If you would like to order a fixing bracket to suit this product, please select from the product options above. Fixing brackets ordered with an Aussie Weathervane will not incur any additional delivery charges.

Which one to use ?

Which one ?

1.  Stainless Steel Gable Bracket  is for attaching the weathervane to the face of the Gable. This Bracket suits tile and metal roofs. The shaft of the Gable Bracket is 500mm long. As a result, the weathervane is clearly visible above the top of the roof.

2.  Stainless Steel Mounting Plate supplied flat with laser cut slots. Laser cut slots in the plate allow the plate to be bent to the pitch of the roof. Used on the ridge line of metal roofs. The plate is also known as a Ridge Bracket. It is used to secure weathervanes on to flat surfaces and onto posts.

 Purchasing the suitable bracket makes installation easy and enjoyable

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate/Ridge Bracket

Gable bracket

Stainless Steel Gable Bracket


Alan Border Weathervane

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 76 × 52 × 7.5 cm
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