Top of the Line Rain Gauge .

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Top of the Line Rain Gauge, this is the instrument needed to accurately measure precipitation. Graduation is in both mm & inches  The numerals are are raised and easy to read,

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Top of the Line Rain Gauge.

This gauge is for people who are serious about  measuring rainfall. The Gauge is 11 inches tall and has a 280mm capacity. It is one of the largest available.

Recording Times. 

The correct time to measure and record the rain fall is at 9:00am each day. Readings taken later in the day could be incorrect.  This could be due to evaporation of some of the water collected.. Therefore, it is better to measure and record at 9am every day.

Top of the line Rain Gauge. Measuring The rainfall is easy, just follow these 5 steps :

1,   Remove the catchment funnel and lift out inner cylinder which holds 25mm of water.

2,   If the measure is under 25mm, read the result directly off the mm scale.

3,   Sometimes the rainfall will exceed 25mm and the water will overflow into the outer cylinder.  If this occurs, you will need to measure the overflow which has flowed into the outer cylinder. You now pour this water into the 25mm cylinder and count the number of times the 25mmm cylinder is filled.

Next, measure the remaining water in mm.

eg.  4 measures (including the already full inner cylinder) = 100mm + 13mm balance = 113mm of rain.

4,   The water is emptied into a measuring  jug to measure the volume and record it.

5.,   Reassemble the  RainMax Rain Gauge.

Top of the Line Rain Gauge Features.

  • Australian Made.
  •  Lifetime warranty against discolouration.
  • Measures both in Millimetres and Inches. 
  • Long life UV Stabilised. 
  • It is virtually Unbreakable 
  • Frost and snow hardy.
  • Has a capacity of up to 280mm of rain.


    Simply put :

    A rain Gauge consists of a funnel to collect the rain and a graduated column to measure it.

    To maintain the Top of the Line Rain gauge :

  • Clean with a mild detergence only.
  • Do not use harsh abrasives or solvents.
  • Do not allow water to freeze inside the rain gauge.

Top of the Line Rain Gauge

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