Rain Gauge tough and accurate

Australian Made and stabilised for longer life.

These handy sized rain gauges are ideal for the outdoor garden to monitor the weather.  Just 17.5cm long with an  55cm opening at the top and a 32cm diameter at the base.

Rain Gauge tough and accurate

They will not discolour in the sun like other brands, they stay easy to read for years.
The rain gauge’s toughness is to meet the harsh Australian climate. That means it is durable enough to perform anywhere in the world! With it’s special UV formulation and simple innovative design this Rain Gauge may just outlast you.

Measurement and times…

Rainfall should be measured at 9am each day. Record rainfall level and  then empty the gauge ready for accurate measurement of the next 24 hours. If  the gauge is emptied later in the day evaporation may contribute to inaccurate readings.

• Quick and easy to install. Installation :

   simple instructions, easy to do.

• Measures both in Millimetres and Inches.

• Flat base makes cleaning easy.