Sloop Weathervane No2

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Sloop Weathervane No2. Is the smaller of two sizes of weathervanes depicting this  popular style of Sail Boat. It has one mast and two sails and uses the Bermuda rig main and a head sail a combination proven to be very efficient for sailing into the wind.


the Sloop Weathervane No2, is a single-masted, fore-and-aft-rigged sailing boat. It has a short standing bowsprit or none at all and a single headsail set from the forestay. These boats are amongst the more popular designs of the modern sail boats. 

What is a Sloop ?

A “Sloop” is a sail boat with a single mast where as, a Schooner is fore and aft rigged on two or more masts. Other types of sail boats are : Cutters, Ketches and Yawls.


The Sloop Weathervane No2 and the Large Sloop Weathervane also listed on this website, are identical except for the size differences. The height of the Sloop Weathervane from top of mast to the bottom of the keel is 64cm.The length of the sloop is 70cm. The width across the deck is 12cm.

 The figure is three dimensional, being 12cm wide. The two copper globes are 5.5cm and 10cm in diameter. The cast brass directionals are 44cm long. The result is a very handsome and balanced weathervane. This weathervane will faithfully  hold its course and face into the oncoming wind.

Sloop Weathervane No2. Ruggedly constructed and true in detail.

The cast brass directionals signify the North, South, East and West compass points.  It is the balanced proportions  and polished finish that make this large sloop weathervane extremely attractive.

Attachment Bracket

There is an attaching bracket available. Made of three aluminium castings. It comes complete with grub screws and attaching screws. The bracket is available for $55.00. There is no additional postage if ordered with the weathervane.

Weathervane Attaching Brackets

Adjustable Bracket - Sloop Weathervane No2

Weathervane Adjustable Bracket

Sloops cropped - Sloop Weathervane No2

Sloop Weathervane No2

Sloop Deck1 1024x576 - Sloop Weathervane No2

Sloop Weathervanes deck

Additional information

Weight 4.67 kg
Dimensions 61 × 13 × 56 cm
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