Farmyard Rooster Weathervane

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This Farmyard Rooster has a black body, He is certainly the “King of the Roost”. The directional (N,S,E & W) are black. The the Rooster’s measurements are a generous 32cm (12.5 ″) high and 44cm (17.25″) wide (from beak to tail tip). The directionals are 43cm (almost 17″) long. The really good part about theFarmyard Rooster is that He will attach onto a 1 inch shaft (piece of water pipe).       There are three parts to put together.

1.    The base which includes the steel centre pivot.

2.     The North and South directional (the East and West forms part of the base).

3.     The Farmyard Rooster himself. he fits over the steel pivot rod .   No tools needed, simple effortless assembly but when assembled he is strong and stable and ready for years of service faithfully facing into the wind.  He is really a friendly fellow made from ultra strong, UVD resistant plastic material and is ideal for a garden shed, a balcony, a fence. a cubby house or a post mounting….

He comes packaged and would make an ideal gift. Just add the Birthday/Christmas paper and a card.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 47 x 5 x 36 cm


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