Catboat Weathervane Polished Copper

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Catboat Weathervane Polished Copper depicts this simple to sail rig has the mast placed forward in the bow creating roomy cabins and salon space.


Catboat Weathervane Polished Copper.


To begin with, a Catboat has a single hull with shallow draft.

It has centre boards. The larger ones have a keel.

The Catboat has a single mast. The placement of the mast is unusual. As it is well forward in the bow of the boat.

This creates a generous amount of salon space. A big advantage of the forward placement of the mast enables the the cabins to be quite roomy.


A Catboat with cat-rigging has a single mast which is stepped well forward. It carries a single fore and aft sail. This sail is behind the mast.

A boat with cat-rigging can be described as having a Una rig which was the original term.


  • The dimensions of the Catboat Weathervane Polished Copper are generous and proportional.
  • Subsequently, the combined height of the Catboat weathervane is 62cm, measuring  from tip of the mast to bottom of the keel.
  • The length from bow to end of the boom is 49cm. The hull is three dimensional being 19cm wide and 8cm deep with the keel extending a further 5.5cmm.
  • The design details of the Catboat Weathervane are true and every detail is carefully handcrafted.
  • Pure copper is used to form the sail, the keel and hull. The mast and boom are polished brass.


In summary, the Catboat Weathervane is a real working weathervane. If it does not work it is not a weathervane, only an ornament.

It will always face into the wind. This is the essential purpose of a working weathervane. To indicate the direction the wind is coming from.

How will it weather?

Over time the polished surfaces of the copper and brass will react to the atmosphere. Creating a patina on the surface. Thereby developing a character, charm and identity all of their own.


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Adjustment Attaching Bracket

There is an attaching bracket available.

Made up of three aluminium castings.

It comes complete with grub screws and attaching screws.

The bracket is available for $57.50. There is no additional postage if ordered with the weathervane.

Weathervane Attaching Brackets



Adjustable Bracket - Catboat Weathervane Polished Copper

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