To extend windsock life, rotate 180 degrees, (top to bottom) each year.

The seams of the windsock should be horizontal (9 o’clock and 3 o’clock)

Black Cable Ties offer better UV protection than clear.

Cable Ties are a quick and easy method of attachment and should be pulled up tight enough to restrict the windsock rubbing on the support frame. Any suitable method of firm attachment may be used.

The Windsock Frame should be exactly vertical, otherwise the frame will constantly swing to the low side, and this tends to cause the windsock to tangle or wrap around the windsock support pole.

8 foot and 12 foot Stainless Steel windsock frames supplied by Glenview Products have stainless bearings top and bottom and can be fitted with a 12 volt lighting kit which will operate from any 12 volt automotive type battery, or plug into vehicle cigarette lighter.

Warranty 25 Years.

Windsock Lighting