Black Rooster Weathervane-Caringbah NSW.

Hi Robert,
Our rooster is up on the roof.

The most important thing was to mount him at the back of our villa so I can
see him from inside the house.    He can still be seen from certain angles at
the front but as long as he doesn’t crow we wont have a problem.
The wind  has been flukey today, blowing SE and sometimes SW but he’s
working perfectly.
As you can see we have a difficult roof line to work with and the tiles
overlap considerably but the mounting block can’t be seen from the front and
gives him a little more height.               Many thanks, Helen and Ian.

Hi Robert,

I’m happy for him to go on your website .  He can be the “Mythical Caringbah Rooster” that

drives some of our locals crazy with his early morning crowing!!

Once again, many thanks.