Shark White Pointer Weathervane.

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Shark White Pointer Weathervane. Greatly feared but also greatly admired. formidable yet magnificent.They operate in their environment and if you vnture where they live and play you do so at your own risk.


The Shark White Pointer Weathervane What a striking weathervane to have on your home. Anyone who loves the sea and what’s in it or alternatively is involved with water sports. The White Pointer Shark is a ferocious feeder of fish and can be a danger to man. Equally dangerous on the playing field are the Cronulla Sharks, particularly when they are on CRONULLA SHARKS Rugby League  Team on a roll with the try line in sight.  The shark measures 410mm long and 400mm high the Arrow that he revolves on is 735mm in length so it is generously proportioned.

This Shark White Pointer Weathervane would make the ideal present for someone you know who wants  something different and  special for  their home. Perhaps even treat yourself.

Made of Stainless Steel this Shark, White Pointer  Weathervane will give years and years of enjoyment and service.

How It Works

Both the arrow and the Shark figure revolve on a ball bearing over a stainless steel shaft. The directional are also Stainless Steel. Totally well balanced and proportionally correct these Australian made weathervanes from Glenview Products actually work. The weathervane is sealed with paint and like the early Ford motor vehicles, you can have any colour so long as it is black.


The length of this monster from Gaping Mouth to Tail Tip is 410mm and the height from Tail to Nose Tip is 400mm.WOW what a monster.the Arrow is 730mm and the directionals are 590mm. The overall height is 830mm.


stainless steel mounting plate is available for fixing to a flat surface such as the ridge line of a metal roof or a wooden garden post. Alternatively there is a steel gable bracket available for fixing to the apex of the gable (see Fixing Brackets). If you would like to order a fixing bracket to suit this product, please select from the product options above. Fixing brackets ordered with an Aussie Weathervane will not incur any additional delivery charges.

Which one to use ?

Which one ?

Gable Bracket (Stainless Steel) is used for attaching to the face of the Gable. Suitable for both Tile and Metal Roofs. Because the shaft extends down the face of the Gable, it is 200mm longer than the ridge line bracket.

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate (supplied flat with laser cut slots to allow plate to be bent to the exact pitch of the roof). Used on the roof ridge of metal roofs. Also adaptable to flat surfaces and mounting on posts.

No Mounting Bracket when only the Weathervane is required. Purchasing the suitable bracket makes installation easy and enjoyable

Ridge Bracket XX6 - Shark White Pointer Weathervane.

Stainless Steel Mounting Plate

Gable Bracket XXX10 - Shark White Pointer Weathervane.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 6 × 49 cm
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