Happy Daisy Windvane.  They can be suspended. It can also be mounted vertically. Either way you use the hook or the nail or screw holes. Alternatively, you can secure it to a pole using cable ties (cable ties not provided).

It will Happily show the direction of the wind.  That’s it’s job. That is what it does.You can hang it from a tree, the eaves or from your washing line.

Assembly is easy – just click it together. No tools needed. It is quick and simple.

How to Assemble the Happy Daisy Windvane :

There are 3 parts – the Body, the Stem and the Fan

Step 1. Press the tip of the body int the hole in the centre of the Fan until it clicks into place.

Step 2. Press the tip of the stem into the hole in the body until it clicks into place….It’s as simple as that!

Postage calculator will work out postage