Antiqued Brass Sun Dial. Pre aged  and highlighted. Beautifully finished with all the high points of the cast base polished.Bringing out the detail and the warmth of the polished finish that only brass can produce. A conversation piece for that quiet corner that some how draws attention to it’s self. It creates that “wait a while moment”. That moment of pondering over what it says. It’s only a Sun Dial but it tells the truth.”Time takes all but memories” How true is that? It’ only a Sun Dial. It can’t speak and yet !! Dally for a moment because “Time takes all but memories”.

Measurements.The generous size of the base 25 cm (10 inches) ensures that it will be noticed. The 17 cm (6.75 inches) raises above the base 10 cm (4 inches). The pronounced embellishments are cast and permanent. The finish is really superb. Because of the pre ageing of the lower parts the high spots and polish really project all of the detail. This is indeed a handsome Sun Dial.

To set up the Antiqued Brass Sun Dial, a bright sunny day is best. Position the Gnonom (Shadow indicator) facing South. You need the overhead shadow at noon to be central over the diamond and the arrow head. They are between the roman numerals of  XI and I. The time to set this in position is 12 noon, eastern standard time. Not daylight saving time.

The Antiqued Brass Sun Dial price includes GST. Postage is not. Enter your post code, the Austpost charge calculator will work out exactly the postage (no extras added) for this delightful horological gem.