Alpaca Weathervane

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Alpaca Weathervane depicts one of these loveable creatures. The wool they produce is amazing. It is sought after because of its softness, its warmth, its fineness and its hard wearing qualities.



Alpaca weathervane is a beautiful silhouette of this friendly placid animal. The alpaca mounted on this weathervane, will faithfully face into the oncoming wind day after day. Because of this you will know exactly where the wind is coming from. The Alpaca Weathervane represents these soft, docile, adorable creatures. They are domesticated and friendly. They are related to the South American llamas. Alpacas are noticeably smaller than the llamas.

There are no wild Alpacas. All Alpacas is farmer owned. He cares for them and harvests their soft, fine wool. Strangely enough their wool is water and flame resistant. Here are some fun facts about Alpacas :…/fun-facts-about-cute-animals-alpaca-edition


How It Works

The arrow and figure revolve on a ball bearing over a stainless Steel Shaft.

These Weathervane are powder-coated.  Just like Henry Ford said, you can have any colour so long as it is black.


Stainless Steel mounting plate is available for fixing to the ridge line of a metal roof or a wooden garden post. Alternatively there is a Stainless Steel gable bracket available (see Fixing Brackets). If you would like to order a fixing bracket to suit this product, please select from the product options above. Fixing brackets ordered with an Aussie Weathervane will not incur any additional delivery charges.

Which one to use ?

The bracket used to attach weathervane to the Gable is called a Gable Bracket. Suitable to attach weathervanes to Tile and Metal Roofs. The Gable shaft is 500mm long.  The ridge bracket shaft is only 300mm long. The reason for this is that it comes down the face of the gable. . The Mounting Plate is laser cut to match the pitch of the roof. This Ridge Bracket is also used for attaching weathervanes to flat surfaces and for mounting on posts.

Purchasing the suitable bracket makes installation easy and enjoyable.

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions75 × 6 × 49 cm
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