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Windsock Material For 8 & 10 Foot

Windsock Material for 8 and 12 Foot Windsocks.

Made of compressed nylon, the windsock has the smooth side on the outside. When it gos through the rollers, it has the appearance of woven material, but it is continuous two sheets of compressed nylon. There are absolutely no gaps in the surface of the material.

It is self washing, and so this does not aid the adhesion of logos and sign writing, but sign writer plastic signs can adhere, but for how long? There are no guarantees.

There are 2 grades: Grade 3 and Grade5. (3 ounce/square foot for the standard windsock, and 5 ounce/square foot for the heavy duty windsock.)

One of the manufacturers is Canvaco.

The material is ‘Hot Needle Stitched’ and is also triple stitched.

The hoop, which is sewn in, is like grey electrical conduit.

The material does not stretch eg. Shirt material has a stretch factor of 4% and this materials’s stretch factor is approx. 1% – 1.5%.
types of Windsock Lighting

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Windsock Specifications 8 & 12 Foot

These are available in white, or yellow, and are also available in a choice of standard weight or heavy duty versions. the heavy duty version being for places of extreme wind, cyclone prone, or tropical areas.

The 8 & 12 foot windsocks are calibrated for Aviation use, fitted with an internal hoop and four large attach eyelets, and is supplied with heavy duty cable ties to attach to a 2ft diameter frame for the 8ft windsock, or a 3ft frame for the 12ft version.

The heavy duty windsock will outlast the standard weight by an estimated 50% under the same give conditions.

The standard weight windsock is slightly more ‘active’ in very light wind conditon.

12ft windsocks are the ‘standard’ for use at licenced and council airstrips and airports.

Windsock Stats

It is quite possible that there are several ‘primary’ windsocks at an airport, (one for each runway, and often one near the end of each runway.

Colour choice of windsocks for non commercial use is simply a matter of what stands out the best against the background colour as seen from the air. Yellow is easier to see against a background of sky, or as seen from the ground. Both colours illuminate well with the 12 volt lighting option, as the materials used have good fibre optic qualities.

8 & 12 ft Windsock Support Frames

These are made of 304, 316, 320 and 4000 grade stainless steel.

The 8 ft windsock frame has a 24″ (600mm) diameter rim, and the frame for the 12′ windsock has a 36″ (900mm) diameter rim. These frames may be fitted with internal 12 volt lighting…. See the”Windsock Illumination” section below:

Windsock Diagram

The sealed ball bearings, that are used top and bottom, should never require any lubrication or attention. The top bearing is also capped with a seal that is a tight press fit to the centre shaft, and offers further protection to the top bearing.

The base plate of the frame is a 10mm plate with studs at 50 & 80mm spacing, stainless washers and Nylock nuts are supplied for fitting either directly or via the “Welding Adapter”.

Welding AdapterAs the frame is stainless steel, (Which will not weld to ferrous metals.) thus the ‘Welding Adapter’ is recommended if the intention is to attach the frame to a metal pole end.

It is pre-drilled to match the frame stud pattern and base, made of malleable low carbon ferrous metal, that has been selected for ease of welding, using either gas, or electric arc methods.

The support frames are made for extra long life, and carry a 25 year replacement warranty. The same frames are also available (By special order) made from 316 grade stainless steel, and are ideal for offshore oil-rigs and other highly corrosive environments.

Windsock Illumination

Windsock illumination is available for the 8 and 12 foot windsocks. This operates from any 12 volt power supply, motorcycle or automotive battery, simply using battery clips or plug in using standard automotive cigarette lighter.

The lighting is 50 watt, halogen, and draws only 4 amps. (Less than a low beam headlight.) It is 100% reliable, and maintenance free. Solar charging, and remote switching are (add on) options. A spare 3000 hour life bulb/reflector is supplied.

Cable ties and spare bulb fuses

Cables and Ties as supplied in the lighting kit, including spare bulb.

Lighting On A Windsock Frame

Lighting on earlier frame.

Windsock Sizes

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Windsock Colours

Windsock Colours. Standard and Special Purpose.

Standard Colours for Aviation Purposes are White and Yellow. The Primary windsock at an airport is white. The secondary windsocks are yellow. They are by regulation 8 foot or 12 foot long.

Special Purpose Windsocks (more correctly called Wind indicators)  They are usually 4 foot or 6 foot long and fall into the following colour categories :

Yellow is the most visible and are useful when view the wind indicator from the ground on a cloudy day when it can be difficult to see a white Wind indicator against a sky full of white clouds.

Pink is an unnatural colour and is usefully used in forrest country.

Orange is used in snow country because of its high visibility. It is also used for road works and similar purposes.

Red is used on mining sites and Rifle ranges and indicates danger.

Dark green is used for crops and orchards to gauge the drift when spraying chemicals.

Warning It is very hard to stabilise the colours Red, Pink and Orange and so these products do suffer fade because of the suns ultraviolet rays.
Yellow Windsock

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Wyoming Windsock

Wyoming windsocks are made of different materials to the ones used in Australia. I guess the picture tells the story.
Wyoming Windsock

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