Zodiac Polished Brass Sundial

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Zodiac Polished Brass Sundial inspired by horoscopes and adorned with beautiful detailing of the names and images of the signs. it is incredibly  interesting conversational piece.

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Zodiac Polished Brass Sundial

A Zodiac Polished Brass Sundial this astrological item will look spectacular in any garden.

Traditionally, long lasting sundials are cast in brass as brass requires little or no maintenance.

The brass castings are dressed and polished. Much attention is given to make sure each emblem is clearly defined.

Adorned with beautiful detailing and inspired by horoscopes.  It depicts each of the zodiac signs and their names.

Capricorn to Cancer, Aquarius to Aries, Libra and Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo,Taurus and Pisces.

A lovely touch for such a wonderful design.  The very detailed zodiac signs decorate the outside perimeter of the Zodiac Polished Brass Sundial.


There are instructions on how and when to install it.  The hardest decision is , where to locate it. What are you going to mount it on?

  • Plinths – flat or irregular.
  • Posts – wooden , steel or pipe.
  • Pedestals – Clay sandstone or composite.


  • It’s size is a generous 230mm (9inches) in diameter which is the average size of a normal sundial.

The Polished Brass Gnomon is strikingly shaped like a Lightning Bolt. Its job is to cast a shadow over the numerals to indicate the time.

All of the signs set around the various compass points straddled by the lightning bolt Gnomon are clear and concise, .

It’s appearance is very pleasing and attractive object. It will generate many interesting conversations.

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