Weathervane Bracket – Gable

$ 52.00 inc GST



Gable Bracket attachment for Aussie Weathervanes.

Free postage in Australia when ordered with an Aussie weathervane”

This bracket has been designed to affix to the Gable Fascia Boards.

It allows the weathervane shaft to clear the rolled edge of a metal roof or the small overhang of a tiled roof. Attachment is by 4 screws or if a metal facia, use extra large pop rivets. (the steel shaft needs to be longer than the one used for the ridge line) This longer shaft is supplied with  the Gable Bracket. The $52.00 covers the Gable Bracket and the longer 20mm solid steel shaft.

The next step is to locate the steel shaft through the top of the bracket and bolt the shaft into position (bolt provided) making sure that the North Directional is facing North.

Make sure that the bolt is tightened securely.