Snow Goose Weathervane Polished

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Hello Robert,

thought you might be interested in our photos of the renovated house all dressed up in her Sunday best.

Cheers, Peter and Eleanor Gair.

Robert’s note,

This is a superb example of the correct way to mount a weathervane onto a roof Gable. Well done Peter and Eleanor!

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The goose family is Anatidae which also includes Swans and Ducks. Swans are mostly larger birds, while the Ducks are generally smaller than Geese.

The plural for Goose is Geese. A group of geese is called a gaggle and when flying in formation they are referred to as a wedge or a skein.

Geese usually make a honking sound.

The goose of this weathervane measures 29″Lx22″H

This design is also available in a “pre aged” finish.