//Scottish Laddie Door Stop

Scottish Laddie Door Stop

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The Scottish Laddie Door Stop is compact and attractive portraying the romantic figure of a Scot in full kit, ever watchful, standing guard. We know for sure he is up to it and will always be there when needed.

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Scottish Laddie Door Stop. I cast these doorstops in cast iron over fifty years ago. They were very popular. As sometimes happens, I moved on to other things. Some how a number of these castings were stacked away and forgotten. This is a shame because people used to paint them up and they looked terrific. Children always loved having the Highlander (or Scotty as they called him) guarding the door. I came across this Door Stop under the bench. It is the last one. They were very functional. Solid as a door stop needs to be.It is made of cast iron. It definitely won’t wear out.  The height of the Scottish Laddie Door Stop is …mm. Its width is …mm and the base is ..mm deep. Because of its its weight (… kgs) the Highlander Door Stop easily holds the door firmly in place. Its design is as attractive as it is ageless. There is quite a lot of detail in relief in this casting. It could present an interesting project for someone interested in creating and detailing his kilt and the rest of his uniform.

Scottish Laddie Door Stop

Scottish Laddie

Scottish Laddie Base

Scottish Highlander Door Stop

Scottish Door Stop

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Weight4.72 kg
Dimensions40 × 300 × 12 cm


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