Sailboat Weathervane Polished Copper

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Sailboat Weathervane Polished Copper.  Sail powered Boating is what it is all about. There are many types of Sailboats. Here are some of them : sloops; ketches;  yawls;  cat boats;  racing dinghies;.  gaff topsail schooners and gaff cutters.


Sailboat Weathervane. This Large, Sailboat Weathervane Polished Copper is magnificent. Measuring 80cm high, 67cm long and 31cm across the deck. The hull and the sails are made of copper. The mast and spar are brass and the supporting shaft is a 3/4″ solid steel shaft. Polished brass directionals s and polished copper spheres really compliment the Sailboat figure.


As a result of the exceptional workmanship  together with the quality materials used to make this 3 dimensional sailboat model, a long trouble free working life is assured.

The Large, Sailboat Weathervane is a fully functional, working weathervane. The sailboat will always faces into the wind thus, indicating where the wind is coming from. To tell the direction of the wind, people will look to the House with the Sail Boat Weathervane.

Polished Copper Sailboat Weathervane. .

  • The two copper globes are 5.5cm and 10cm in diameter.
  • The cast brass directionals are 44cm in length.

The result is a very handsome and balanced weathervane.

Attachment Bracket

There is a strong attaching bracket available for the Sailboat Weathervane.  Made of three aluminium castings. Of course, it comes complete with grub screws and attaching screws. The bracket is available for $57.50. If the bracket is ordered with the weathervane there is no additional postage.

Weathervane Attaching Bracket

Weathervane Attaching Bracket


Additional information

Weight 12.62 kg
Dimensions 98 × 75 × 17 cm
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