Round Hourglass Antiqued Sundial

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Round Hourglass Antiqued Sundial. The latin theme is extended through the use of Roman Numerals and the  inscription which when translated “Time Flies”.

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The Round Hourglass Antiqued Sundial has the Latin inscription “TEMPUS FUGIT” (Time Flies). beautifully illustrated by the Hour Glass with wings.

This solid brass cast Sun Dial has a generous  Diameter of 23cm (some of the smaller ones are only 18cm). The Roman Numerals are  cast in heavy relief on the horizontal disc surface.

The whole assembly is “pre-aged”. Then the the numerals and calibrations have their details highlighted.

Round Hourglass Antiqued Sundial consist of two pieces. A base and a Gnomon (Shadow indicator). They are packed separately. Assembly is simple and straight forward. Brass . Screws are provided

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2Time Flies. Round Hourglass Antiqued design

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Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions4 × 26 × 26 cm


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