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Ridge Bracket for Metal Roofs

$38.50 inc GST

Ridge Bracket is supplied as a flat stainless steel plate with instructions. It can be easily bent to fit the pitch of a metal roof.

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Ridge Bracket for Roof Ridge line and Fence or Garden Post.

Free Postage within Australia when ordered with”Aussie Weathervane”

Bending ribs are laser cut into the bracket at the appropriate places so that the bracket can be formed to the pitch of the roof.  Bending is simply a matter of bending the stainless steel plate over the sharp edge of a bench or table.

Now the the weathervane is bolted to the bracket (bolt supplied). The Ridge Bracket can be either screwed, bolted or pop riveted (your choice) straight onto the metal roof.

either When attaching the shaft to the bracket make sure that the North directional is pointing North and really tighten firmly.

The final step is to lower the arrow and figure assembly over the stainless steel shaft. Well done !! The job is complete.

This RidgeBracket can attach the weathervane to a flat surface, to a wooden post or to the ridge line of a metal roof (not suitable for a tiled roof).