//Polished Sun Face Sundial

Polished Sun Face Sundial

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Polished Sun Face Sundial. Neat and tidy smaller sized horizontal sundial. Designed to bring pleasure and attract interest. Will fit comfortably into that garden nook or pocket waiting to be discovered.

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Polished Sun Face Sundial While it is smaller, only 9 1/2 inches(190mm) it loses none of the detail or allure that the larger brass sundials convey`. All of the detail for establishing the time of day, with the rays of the sun face radiating as he peaks from behind the clouds.  It is all contained in the finely cast details. It’ the sort of article that prompts the exclamation “where did you get that? I’d like one of those.

Polished Sun Face Sundial showing clearly the design and numerals to advantage. Ideal for that secret corner in the garden.One of the many surprises that makes a garden interesting. It is round and has a flat base which makes attachment easy. simply fasten it with Liquid Nails. Installation couldn’t be easier. The SunFace Sundial is 20cm round therefore it isn’t “in your face”, however it does perform the same task as the larger, more ornate (dearer) ones

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polished Sundial



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Weight0.84 kg
Dimensions22 × 21 × 3 cm


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